The power of our family and home, focused through CabinFever’s creative prism, touched all who participated in the evening’s performance. These remarkable artists captured the energy of our lives and reminded us that art resides in the structures we build, the things we gather to us, and the love we share.
— Chita Gillis

The Home: Chita & Steve Lustbader drove through Santa Fe on their honey moon in 1977 and never left. They raised a family in their Adobe home with wholeheartedness and openness to the unfolding of life.  

The Project: CabinFever created an evening length performance in their home inspired by the 50 hummingbirds in their backyard, their grounded family values, and the history of their ancestors. 75 people from their community attended the performance and explored their beautiful home. This was a part of CabinFever's Salutations. A tour through your departure & arrival. in August 2014.

Performance: August 18, 2014

Performers: Emily Craver, Sarah Lustbader, Emily Pacilio

Music: Doug Barber, Evan Anderson

Costumes: Erik Andor

Lighting: Evan Anderson

Videography/Photography: Joy Jacobs

Artistic Director: Elana Jacobs