For a limited performance run, the rooms of the homes or mansions are transformed into a living art space, showcasing performances based off the history and stories of the family and architecture of the home.


This process is a true collaboration between CabinFever and the homeowner, who, while donating their homes and family histories to CabinFever, will in return, receive an original work of art made for and about them.  CabinFever's creative process at each home will be documented by our videographer and memorialized in a short  film, which will be gifted to the family.  

We also have a "rehearsal dinner", a big family style dinner with the company & crew and the homeowner/family the night before the performance. This experience proves to be a memory both groups do not forget.


CabinFever pays for its travel expenses and stipends to its artists, by a combinations of honorariums from the host families in the destination region, and, subject to the families' approval, from ticket sales, beverage sales, as well as fundraising solicitations after the performances.  The amounts are determined based upon several factors, including whether the host home provides any accomodations or meals during the residency or tour. 


CabinFever was formed in 2011 with the main goal of reaching new audiences for contemporary dance, movement, and live performance art.  CabinFever distinguishes our company by our focus of creating original multi media, site-specific performance art works in people's homes or historical mansions as our primary venues.  In addition to reaching new audiences, these spaces encourage us to perform and base our work on intimate (albeit universal) subjects.


The rehearsals for each performance are scheduled during a concentrated period of 4-6 days. However, before the company arrives at the home, Elana interviews the homeowner over the phone for a couple hours to get to know the family and to begin brainstorming about the show.  While artists working with CabinFever have performed together and studied each home in advance, our limited time actually visiting the homes require us to use our creative intuitions in regards to choreography, music, and artistic choices inspired by the individual home.  Each of our pieces is unique, as they  are derived from the special subtleties, stories, decor, energy, and history of each home. 

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