The Home:The Agape House. A 19th century Victorian Mansion with 14 inhabitants who believe in communal living, unconditional love, and creating a strong community.

The Project: CabinFever stayed with The Agape house for 3 days, experienced the heartbeat of the home and created an evening length performance for about 40 people. Two of the residents performed with the company.  This was apart of CabinFever's Salutations. A tour through your departure & arrival. Summer 2014. 

Performances: August 10th 2014

Art Illustration/Poster: James Eads

Performers:Emily Craver, Emily Pacilio, Sarah Lustbader, Maggie Stack, Maria Lucent

James Eads  poster based on The Agape House

James Eads poster based on The Agape House

Music: Doug Barber & Evan Anderson

Costumes:Erik Andor

Lighting:Evan Anderson

Videography/Photography: Joy Jacobs

Artistic Director: Elana Jacobs