The Home: The Eads Family home. In Culver City, California, this beautiful well designed space is owned by Art Directors for film, Mindy & Paul. Their two sons, James & Sean were raised in this home & have grown up to be professional artists. Sean is a musician and composer. James is an Illustrator.  

The Project: Sean & James revisit their childhood home and share with CabinFever memories of playing and making movies in the backyard.  They share about how their career has been shaped by growing up in an artful home. CabinFever creates an evening length performance inspired by their stories performed for a 35 person audience. 

Performances:August 13, 2014

Performers: Emily Craver, Emily Pacilio, Sarah Lustbader, Sean Eads

Music: Doug Barber & Evan Anderson

Costumes:Erik Andor

Lighting:Evan Anderson

Videography/Photography:Joy Jacobs

Artistic Director: Elana Jacobs