On September 15th 2018, CabinFever premiered a new installation More than a trace, on the occasion of the opening of The Art of Being Dangerous at Hyde Park Art Center. Based on the prompt "How can I love you?", Artistic Director Elana Jacobs, music director Doug Barber, and dancers Emily Craver and Aaron Raheim White developed 19 tiny dances and soundscapes, one dedicated each of the artists in the exhibition. Jacobs believes that when we respond to an artist and their work, we can't help but express love. 

More than a trace consists of personal stories, artistic expression, and the act of seeing the human as whole. Through the process of interviews, research, and time spent with the work, the company hopes to mimic the energetic exchange that transpires between the viewer and artist at the Art Center – in which the art makes an impression on the body that lingers far beyond the exhibition space.