The House: A four generational family reunion on a street in Isle La Motte with one way in and out. Virgina, in her late 80's and the matriarch of the family, sets the tone for the warm gathering and is the reason everyone is together.  The home is a healing during the year and is known to provide beauty and peace to those with terminal illness. 

The Project: CabinFever interviewed the family and created a piece about the geneology of the group.  The evening length performance took the family through installations and ended on the dock overlooking the sunset. One of the installations included the youngest family member, Jude, age 5.  Every night the uncles, aunts and cousins would watch the sunset after dinner together on the dock. And the night of the show, it was no different. 

The Performance: July 30, 2015

Performers: Emily Craver, Jesse Kovarsky, Sarah Lustbader, Emily Pacilio

Music: Doug Barber, Patrick Glennon

Videography/Photography:Joy Jacobs

Artistic Director: Elana Jacobs