The House: Jason & Noelle were moving out of their home, the place they took their son, GJ,  when he was born. It is drenched in memory for them and represents the big step of starting a family.  They felt bittersweet about the transition and knew it was the right choice.

The Project:The Cravers commissioned CabinFever to pay tribute to their space in order to help them say goodbye in an artful way while simultaneously bringing their community together one last time. CabinFever created a performance for Jason & Noelle's neighbors. It was an evening length show about transitions, including a section that appeared in the space between the living room and the dining room.

Performance: August 21 2014

Performers: Emily Craver, Sarah Lustbader, Emily Pacilio

Music: Doug Barber, Evan Anderson

Costumes: Erik Andor

Lighting: Evan Anderson

Videography/Photography: Joy Jacobs

Artistic Director: Elana Jacobs