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For this month’s CabinFever Presents, Evan Anderson created a two part composition, accompanied by artwork and text by Daphne Agosin, for release on tape by Dead Definition. Evan’s music captures that specific fall enigma of somehow feeling simultaneously utterly comfortable and little bit anxious. Likewise, Daphne’s design of cloudy blues and crisp black lines straddle the line between somber and playful. Find a nice chair to sit in, maybe near a window, and take a moment to look and listen to the beautiful autumnal artifact they have shared with us. Physical copies of this project are available, while supplies last, through the embedded player below.

Otoño by Evan Anderson

Thoughts from the artist:

Otoño is a composition in two parts; a response to Fall, and that mysterious, transitory month of September. This music comes from the feeling of late afternoon autumn sun streaming through windows, as radiators creak and begrudgingly awaken. This music is meant to evoke a specific kind of bittersweetness that comes with change. Frequently in those moments of beginnings and mental readjustment, glimpses of the multiple desires and hopes that remain within us are most clearly seen. There are, there must be, reasons to go back into the cycles we observe, respond to, and invent.

Salud, Otoño.

Text and design by Daphne Agosin

with their voice remembered, they return like they first came. with nothing; a stranger to landscape and people. 

they return with hope recharged, with intact sincerity.

can this cycle be fully natural and artificial at the same time? 

certainly it is not the only existence, as much as it grabs them. 

for all things that must happen: they walk back into it. 


And here’s what it all looks like: