There was a layered sense of intimacy for both pieces. The audience was seated mere feet from the dancers. Additionally, a sense of community developed during the show’s duration.
— Deanna Duff (CityArts)

The Home: Roger Thorson's Carnation Tree farm and house barn

Every December, families gather to his home to pick up a Christmas tree wondering about the story of this beautiful barn and home.  It serves as a sense of magic and intrigue for the community. 

The Project:  After many interviews with Roger, he shared about his Norwegian family and about 30 years of restoring the space that his family built in the 1900's.  He is able to feel like he is giving back to his ancestors by honoring and preserving their original design. As part of Salutations: a tour through your departure & arrival, CabinFever created a two part piece to honor his ancestors and the work that he has done over the years. 

Performances: August 2 & 3 2014

Performers: Emily Craver, Sarah Lustbader, Emily Pacilio

Music Director: Doug Barber

Musicians: Doug Barber, Anna Goren, Jack Swart, Anne Marie Doucet

Art installation design: Katherine Ranieri Sponsored by Olsen Kundig Architects

Costumes:Erik Andor

Lighting:Evan Anderson 

Videography/Photography: Joy Jacobs

Artistic Director: Elana Jacobs