Intro - 

Sun Float is a collaboration between Lia Kohl (cello, voice, images) and Alex Babbitt (video, images). It started as a dream and was filmed on the shore of Lake Michigan at dawn.

Musings from the artists:

If you dream it, is it real? If you don’t see the sun rise, is it still there? 

How tight does the knot need to be? How do you blow up a big balloon? Is it raining slightly? If the air is warm will the water feel colder? How much air is enough in order to float? How much float in order to fly?

Are you made of air or water? Do you need to be connected to hold on? How much weight will sink you? Is this the ocean or the lake? Are you floating or swimming? If it carries you away how far will you go?

Is it dawn or dusk? 

If the sun doesn’t rise, can we do it ourselves?