Andy Buffelen//Performer

As a young Washingtonian boy, Andy was a Merchant in Jack in the Beanstalk, and with the line "And chops, oh boy!" he fell in love with performing.  Of course, he wasn't in another play until college, but since then he has been acting, directing, writing, producing and sometimes dancing with his fellow artists in Seattle.  Some of those companies are/were Cabin Fever (whoo!), The New Animals, Annex Theatre, Seattle Fringe Festival, Live! Girls, Pacific Play Company, Freehold, Tinfoil/Cardboard, Solo Performance Festival, Bumbershoot Arts and Music Festival, 14/48 Projects, and his alma mater Cornish College of the Arts.  He spends his free time skateboarding, everything comedy, watching tv and movies, reading, cooking, and trying to understand US politics.  Heck, send Andy an e-mail if you feel so inclined:  Look Ma, I'm on the internet!

CabinFever Shows include: Scraping for Joy (2014)